Customer Satisfaction: Discover your strengths (and weaknesses) with a survey
Savvy business owners know that keeping a customer is cheaper than acquiring one. And the key to keeping a customer is ensuring continued customer satisfaction.
Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Savvy business owners know that keeping a customer is cheaper than acquiring one. And the key to keeping a customer is ensuring continued customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, client dissatisfaction is often invisible — until it’s too late. Customer satisfaction surveys can help you shine a light on this blind spot.

Customer satisfaction metrics show how a customer feels about interacting with your business. Client satisfaction isn’t only about meeting expectations to keep your customers happy. It’s about surpassing expectations to gain loyalty.

Customer satisfaction surveys can pinpoint the great parts of your business. They also show the parts that need improving. They provide a valuable outside perspective. They unearth the points of your business that set you apart from competitors. Survey results can teach you what your customers care about. You can then use that information to improve what isn’t working and expand what is. Customer satisfaction survey results propel your success.

Customer Satisfaction vs. Reputation Management

If you’re using a reputation management tool like Yelp, you may think, “We’re good! I know exactly how our clients feel about us.”

But remember, the point of those systems is to produce as many four and five-star reviews as possible. They do promote your good standing and help produce leads. They don’t do a great job of gauging customer relationships. And most reviews used have a strong bias toward amazing service or horrible experiences. Surveys help control the bias.

How is a customer satisfaction survey different?

Surveys help you quantify the degree to which a customer is happy with a product, service, or experience.

A well-designed survey will provide actionable insights into your business and client relationships. The questions asked, how they’re phrased, and even the order the questions appear in can impact results.

Working with an expert to design your survey is a valuable way to ensure survey success. The experts will guide you toward the questions that will best serve your purposes. You’ll also get better information an in-depth analysis of the responses so that you can make informed and data-driven decision regarding your business.

Finding what works = Engaged and Loyal Customers

Customer satisfaction has different levels. Your most engaged and loyal customers are more valuable. They talk about you. They provide referrals. And they’re more likely to overlook the occasional hiccup.

A well-constructed and executed survey can help you:

  • Find your most engaged customers
  • Pinpoint what they love about your product and/or service
  • Provide a path to move satisfied customers into the engaged category
  • Spawn ideas for complementary product and/or service offerings
  • Identify areas of friction before they cost you business

Your survey will highlight strengths and areas for improvement in your business. Use this actionable information to increase customer satisfaction and raise profits.

Surveys can be tough but working with us is easy. We’ll advise you on the best options for capturing the information you need. Our expert knowledge of sampling procedures, data collection ideas (like programming an iPad for on-site surveys), and survey design ensure a targeted survey. Once the data is in, we’ll compile the findings and deliver them to you in a clear and easy to understand format.

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