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Survey Information Analytics (SIA) is a small minority- and woman-owned research firm whose goal is to bridge the gap between people, organizations, and decision-making through advanced research methods and data collection tools.

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Solutions for the Future: Intervention & Prevention

Our Mission

Our mission at SIA is to bridge the gap between data, decisions, and people through robust research methods and data collection.

Our Vision

At SIA, we believe strong data can help shape the future by providing decision-makers with the information needed to make informed decisions. 

What Makes Us Different

We Provide the Expertise

We help agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations make informed decisions through robust data collection, analysis, and reporting. Together, we invest our time and resources in providing our partners with the most reliable data possible so they may have all the necessary tools to ensure their continued growth and success as well as to fulfill their visions.



Because the world of research methods, survey design, and data collection is rapidly evolving through technological innovations, we stay current with the latest technology and methodology.



We assemble our team based on client and project needs. With the use of remote-working technology, we engage PhD subject-area experts on an as needed basis for our clients.



Data collection costs time and money. We work with our clients to see if existing research and publicly available data sources can be used to assist them in making data-driven decisions.

Our Team

Data. Decisions. People.


SIA, LLC was founded by Dr. Nguyen who has over seven years of experience in survey research and implementation, from survey design to data collection, analysis, and report writing. She has extensive experience leading both qualitative and quantitative projects. Dr. Nguyen’s work spans across local evaluations and grant-based projects to national data collection and technical assistance. Her team of researchers now manage projects for various clients based on their areas of expertise. 

Julie Schweitzer

Julie Schweitzer, PhD

Senior project manager

Dr. Julie Schweitzer received her doctoral degree from Oklahoma State University and has training in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. In particular, she has experience with NVivo and the coding and analysis of large data sets. Her research areas and interests include environmental sociology with a focus on environmental justice, social inequality, and social movements. Dr. Schweitzer has published in Environmental Sociology and is committed to promoting social and environmental justice as well as a better understanding of the impact of energy production related to cross-energy sources and transnational perspectives.

Areas: Environmental justice, social inequality, and social movements
Dakota Raynes

Dakota Raynes, PhD

Research & Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity Consultant

Dr. Dakota Raynes received their Ph. D. in Sociology, with an emphasis in Social Inequalities and Social Movements, from Oklahoma State University in 2018. Dakota has training and on-the-ground experience using qualitative, quantitative, geospatial, and mixed methods research designs – more specifically, Dakota is proficient with SPSS, STATA, NVIVO, and GIS, and is currently developing skills in R and Python. Dr. Raynes has published peer-reviewed articles in Mobilization, Humanity & Society, and Sociology Compass and book chapters in Fractured Communities: Risks, Impacts, and Protest against Hydraulic Fracking and the Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity. Dakota also has nearly 15 years of experience in planning, developing, co-facilitating, and assessing the efficacy of workshops, trainings, conferences, etc., as well as success in applying for, receiving, and managing grant funds. Dr. Raynes believes that responsible, accountable, and accurate data-driven approaches can provide the best, timeliest information that companies, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and grassroots groups need to successfully achieve their goals.

Areas: Intersectional Inequalities, Environmental Sociology, Social Movements, Public Sociology

Lindsey Singer Guzman

Lindsey Singer Guzman, PhD

Research Consultant

Dr. Lindsey Singer Guzman received her Ph.D. from The University of Central Florida (UCF) and has over ten years of experience in survey research. She was the managing editor of the journal Social Science Research and has published in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. She is passionate about collecting quality data to solve real-world problems in an informed and scientific manner. 

Areas: Quantitative data analysis, evaluation research, survey design, and social inequality

Amy Donley

Amy Donley, PhD

Senior Research Consultant

Dr. Amy Donley is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Central Florida and the Director of the UCF Institute for Social and Behavioral Sciences. She is an applied sociologist whose research primarily focuses on social inequalities, specifically food insecurity, urban poverty, and homelessness. She regularly conducts research in partnership with local governments and not-for-profit agencies and serves on the Board of Directors for several agencies including the Coalition for the Homelessness and the Homeless Services Network. In partnership with HSN, she helped coordinate the annual Central Florida Point in Time count from 2009–2014. Dr. Donley has published extensively on homelessness in journals such as Society, Sociology Compass, and Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless. She currently teaches several courses at UCF including Poverty and Homelessness in the U.S.; Program Design and Evaluation; Urban Society; and Race, Class, and Gender in America.

Areas: Homelessness, urban poverty, and food insecurity
Boniface Noyongoyo

Boniface Noyongoyo, PhD

Research Consultant

Dr. Noyongoyo is currently an Assistant Professor at Marshall University. He has years of experience collecting and managing qualitative data, especially in different languages and home visits. For example, one of his projects with the Ministry of Social Affairs Assessment of Services involved conducting home visits and interviewing in different languages (including Fulani and Ngambaya) in Cameroon. His publications can be found in Maternal and Child Health Journal and Journal of Family Issues. Dr. Noyongoyo is originally from Cameroon and is fluent in five languages: French, Italian, Massa, Ngambay, and Fulani.

Areas: Social inequality and food insecurity
Rameika Newman

Rameika Newman, MA

Program Evaluation Consultant

Newman holds a B.A. and M.A. in Applied Sociology from University of Central Florida with a focus in public health. Over the span of her academic and professional career, she has assisted various nonprofits and organizations—such as United Against Poverty, the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, Metroplan Orlando, and the Orlando Housing Authority—with their analytic needs. She has conducted several analyses including performing a Social Return on Investment (SROI) for a grocery program serving low-income families and a needs assessment for homeless single men living in the metro Orlando area. Passionate about improving the lives of those in underprivileged communities, she believes providing organizations with information through a variety of investigative methods can help them improve their delivery systems and increase their ability to alleviate social problems plaguing our country.

Areas: Public Health
Sylvia Garcia

Sylvia Garcia, MA


Sylvia Garcia holds a Master of Art in English literature from Texas State University and is currently in the PhD literature program at the University of Houston where she studies Latin American literature and diaspora studies. In addition, Sylvia has recently completed the requirements to receive her certificate in translation studies. Sylvia has worked as a copyeditor since 2018 and has worked as both a writing professor and tutor since 2013. In addition to her copyediting work, Sylvia teaches College Writing I and II at the University of Houston.
Areas: Latin American Literature and diaspora studies

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